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Guarding The River Bank Line • Building Beautiful Shunde

In response to the theme of 2018 World Environment Day , “People’s Quick Decision”, the society is called upon to work together to fight the problem of disposable plastic pollution. On March 24, 2018, Shunde District Environmental Protection Association’s “Protect the Source of Cleansing • You Get My virtue” project Under the support of the Shunde District Environmental Transport and Urban Management Bureau, the Shunde District Social Innovation Center, and the Rongshutou Foundation, the activities of “guarding the river bank line and building beautiful Shunde” were carried out. Once the event was released, it attracted more than 400 people from government, enterprises and volunteers to participate in the event. Through practical activities, it evoked people's awareness of protecting the environment and “sounded the war”.




In the action of “guarding the river bank line • building beautiful Shunde”, the volunteers were divided into five squares to collect and clean up the river garbage on the banks of the Desheng River.




Under the guidance of the team volunteers, the volunteers put the rubbish dumped back into the weighing record for garbage sorting, data recording, and weighing. And put the garbage in the recycling area under the guidance of sanitation workers.




A large amount of manpower and material resources were invested in the construction of riverside parks, but there was no clear personnel to clean up the garbage on the banks of the river, resulting in the formation of a hidden area of garbage. Garbage is gradually polluting our river bank in Shunde. Shunde Environmental Association hopes that through this environmental protection public welfare activity, more people will be called upon to pay attention to Shunde environmental protection, and together they will protect the blue water and blue sky of Shunde.



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