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The solution is composed of two parts of air purification unit and air purification intelligent monitoring system. The scheme combines the software and hardware with the Internet of things to realize the real-time monitoring of the air quality (PM2.5, CO2 concentration, formaldehyde and other TVOC concentration, temperature and humidity, etc.) in the building, and realizes air purification through the intelligent control strategy. The unit's automatic starting and stopping, gear shift operation, and energy consumption measurement function, let you enjoy the most comfortable air environment with the lowest energy consumption, truly realize the net endless, think of what you want, to achieve the goal of intelligent purification and green management.


The air purification intelligent monitoring system is composed of air quality monitoring sensor, system single machine control and total control platform, mobile APP control terminal and air quality management cloud platform.


In order to meet the needs of different applications, three series of air purification products, such as side wind / air blowing air purification products, electronic air purification products and new wind series products, have been introduced.