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The solution consists of two parts: an air purification unit and an air purification intelligent monitoring system. The solution uses the Internet of Things technology to effectively combine software and hardware to achieve the air quality in the building (PM2.5, CO2 concentration, formaldehyde and other TVOC concentration, temperature and humidity Real-time monitoring, through the intelligent control strategy to realize the automatic start and stop of the air purification unit, and the operation of the gear adjustment. At the same time, it has the energy consumption measurement function, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable air environment with the lowest energy consumption, and truly achieve endless net. Think what you think and achieve the goal of smart purification and green management.


The air purification smart monitoring system is composed of air quality monitoring sensors, system stand-alone control and master control platform, mobile APP control terminal, and air quality management cloud platform.


In order to meet the needs of different application places, three series of air purification products have been launched: side air/down air air purification products, electronic air purification products, and fresh air products.

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